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China Defeated Covid-19: How Did They Do It?

by Noach Nestor Bittelman, L.Ac.

A quick glance at the COVID-19 news from China revealed an amazing statistic—there was only one new case of coronavirus infection reported from the Wuhan epicenter of the epidemic. No, that is not a misprint.

One new case.

No vaccine.

One new case.

Which means that the Chinese have, for all intents and purposes, completely turned the tide on COVID-19.

This leads to the obvious question, which is how did they do it? What brought about this turnaround in the center of the storm, a turnaround that even the World Health Organization has acknowledged?

What has been reported in the Western media is the Chinese use of draconian isolation techniques, lockdowns of huge numbers of people, shutdowns of vast swaths of society, images of masks and hazmat suits everywhere.

What has not been so well reported in the non-Chinese media is the widespread use of Chinese herbal medicine to both prevent and resolve the viruses. Statistical analyses by the Chinese on the effectiveness of the herbal formulas in combatting COVID-19 infection have shown a 90% or greater effectiveness rate in resolving the illness. Upon seeing these positive results, the Chinese regional and central government health authorities ordered their hospitals to begin using Chinese herbal medicine formulas with all infected patients.

The result: China is now boasting that their factories are already back to 90% capacity, the malls are beginning to teem with shoppers, and the new infection cases have dropped dramatically. COVID-19 patients are becoming happy former patients so rapidly that the Chinese have begun the process of dismantling the temporary hospitals which were constructed at the height of the epidemic.