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Mojoworld 3.1 Professionnel (Updated 2022)




Do you think you want to work in a software company? Sure - why not? Then please consider working as free software developer! MojoWorld is based on the source code of ALTUS - the free fractal generator software, and can be integrated into any company's or personal website. Here is the current release: Website We need some help with the content on the site! Get in touch! Please contact the team: 1. Stay up to date. Keep in touch with the developers, this is the only way to help with the development and implement your ideas into the next release. 2. Check out the wiki, where you'll find lots of information about Mojoworld. 3. Read the news and the dev blog. 4. Stay in touch with MojoWorld on facebook and google+. 5. Join the discussions in the forum. 6. There's a discussion board. Join there. 7. Contact the developers with your questions, comments and bug reports. 8. Help us spread the word by using the spread the word tool. 9. Contact the support mailing list. 10. Subscribe to the mailing list. 11. Translate the texts. 12. Write documentation. 13. And remember to play MojoWorld a lot and find out why it's so great! Stay up to date If you don't like the news / the wiki / the forums or the forum, there's something wrong! MojoWorld uses Perlin noise as base for its fractal generation, and this noise is tuned by a configurable algorithm which we call the fractal-tuning algorithm. The configurable settings are stored in XML files and can be changed using the standard XSLT 3.0 stylesheets. This allows easily to change the algorithm and to change the settings of the fractal-tuning algorithm. You are welcome to contribute to the development of the code. We've tested MojoWorld's fractal-tuning algorithm extensively, and we believe that the algorithm is stable and can be used in commercial software. All you have to do is: Create a personal account on our GitHub account, fork the repository and try it out. Don't be scared that the algorithms are obfuscated, as the algorithms are more than stable! What's in the pipeline? We've already started work on a new fractal algorithm. It's based on



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Mojoworld 3.1 Professionnel (Updated 2022)

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