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HD Online Player (The Bahubali The Beginning Malayalam) [Updated] 2022




The story begins with a blind and elderly Maharaja. In a temple, he makes a grand donation. And with the money he has collected he buys a horse for the temple. Shivudu is a teenager who is half the age of the Maharaja. He becomes the stable boy. When the Maharaja comes to know that the boy is blind and that he can ride the horse, he asks his son to find a suitable girl for the young boy to marry. Hence Shivudu's life is changed. The girl he marries is a princess from a neighbouring kingdom. There are many unusual characters like Kaala Bheem, Anasuya, Veera Maheshwaran and Chittada Raja. While the movie revolves around Amarendra Baahubali's and his family's journey to the court of Sivagami (the princess who Shivudu married), the audience at home has many questions and theories. Among them is - is Amarendra Baahubali a real king? If so, how does he get to be so famous? How does he end up losing his eyesight? Is Shivudu's brother really dead? How did he come to be the leader of the Baahubali family? Amarendra Baahubali: A real king or a myth? The legend of Amarendra Baahubali - the story of a fictitious king - began some 200 years ago. In the 18th century, Raju Shahu of Guntur, Andhra Pradesh was a descendent of the Kamma dynasty. According to historians, as a young boy, he was blind. But he had a brilliant and practical mind. He was an intelligent young man and became a smart and studious student. He had a famous teacher, Jethmalayam. This teacher was a very rich and powerful man, whose family was from the Brahmins caste. After one of his students died, Raju Shahu’s eyesight worsened, and he had to stop being the student. He was forced to stop attending Jethmalayam’s class. However, he was still his teacher’s loyal student. Raju Shahu never had the opportunity to meet his teacher. Raju Shahu went to his hometown in




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HD Online Player (The Bahubali The Beginning Malayalam) [Updated] 2022

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