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Who is Master Young Wei-Chieh?

An Interview with Noach Bittelman, LAc, about Master Young Wei-Chieh,

Direct Lineage Disciple of Master Tung

Master Young with disciples Noach Bittelman (l.) and Dr. Michael Cheung (r)

Nicole Levine: Can you describe your relationship to Master Young Wei-Chieh?

Noach Bittelman: Master Young is my teacher and mentor. I have the privilege of being a direct lineage inner disciple of Master Young. Master Young has taught thousands of students around the world over the past forty years; from those students he has thirty direct lineage disciples, and from those thirty, Master Young has four inner disciples.

NL: So your relationship with Master Young is quite close. Can you tell us about Master Young, his background in acupuncture and Chinese Medicine?

NB: Master Young was born into a Chinese Medicine family, and began learning Chinese Medicine at a young age. His early focus was on traumatology and orthopedics; later he came to study and master all the various areas of Chinese medicine. Master Young began his relationship with the great acupuncturist Master Tung Ching-Ch’ang in Taiwan in 1965, while still in high school, and was accepted by Master Tung as a direct lineage disciple. Master Young was an apprentice and clinical assistant in Master Tung's clinic for almost five years.

Master Young had the great fortune to learn both classical acupuncture and the formerly closely-guarded Tung style acupuncture from his teacher. Amongst the 73 lineage disciples of Master Tung, Master Young Wei-Chieh stands out as the most dedicated to Master Tung and the Tung Acupuncture lineage.