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Master Tung Acupuncture Goes to Buenos Aires!

Master Tung Acupuncture Level I, Buenos Aires, Argentina November 16-19, 2018

The An Mo School of Traditional Chinese Medicine, headquartered in Buenos Aires with four branches throughout Argentina, recently organized a three-day seminar on Authentic Master Tung Acupuncture (MTA) in Spanish for South American practitioners and students of acupuncture. This was the first time that MTA was formally introduced to Argentina. The 23 seminar students came from Argentina, Paraguay, Chile and Brazil, and while all the students had heard of MTA, none had had the chance to formally study the system.

Orlando Gallardo, Co-Founder of the An Mo School

The founders of the An Mo School, Juan Pablo Massimino and Orlando Gallardo, had been searching for an acupuncturist with an authentic lineage connection to Master Tung Ching- Ch’ang and Dr. Young Wei-Chieh. An acupuncture friend of theirs in Spain recommended they be in touch with me, which subsequently led to an invitation to come to Buenos Aires and teach MTA. I was honored to accept the invitation!

During the seminar, we covered all the major theoretical foundations of the Master Tung system, the major needling techniques and the locations, indications, applications, needling techniques, and combinations of 70 of the most commonly used points in the clinic.

The students learned how to apply the Master Tung concepts to the 14-Channel acupuncture points, and gained an understanding of the workings of acupuncture micro systems. The seminar also included needling demonstration and time for student practice needling. On the final day, we had an in-depth discussion of bleeding techniques, accompanied by demonstration and practice using various types of bleeding needles.

The students were so interested in the concepts and the applications of the Master Tung system that we added evening hours to review questions about the new material, clear up misconceptions about Master Tung and the Master Tung system, and present case studies from the clinic.

At the conclusion of the seminar, each student received a beautiful diploma prepared by the An Mo School. The students and organizers reported a very high degree of satisfaction with the content and delivery of the seminar, and were hopeful and eager to return next year for Master Tung Level II. One student said, "This seminar has really elevated our level of acupuncture. Thank you for sharing the secrets!"

I had a great time sharing this extremely useful information to enthusiastic students, and look forward to hearing how it positively affects their results in the clinic.


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