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Noach Bittelman, L.Ac. wins Grand Prize at Master Tung Symposium in China

For the second year in a row, Noach Bittelman, L.Ac. won the Grand Prize at the International Symposium on Tung's Acupuncture held in Guangzhou, China. This year's symposium brought together over 1,000 Chinese Medicine students and practitioners from all over the world including Canada, China, Israel, India, South Korea, Switzerland, Taiwan, and the United States. The three day conference included topics that highlighted the effective application of Master Tung Acupuncture around the globe.

Speaking in Chinese, Noach presented his paper titled "Master Tung Acupuncture in the Treatment of Psychiatric Conditions: A Preliminary Discussion." According to the World Health Organization (WHO), one out of four people in the world is or will be affected by mental or nervous system disorders; 450 million people suffer from psychiatric conditions, making these types of conditions much more common than cancer. Noting the enormous toll the illness takes on the sufferers and their loved ones, Noach described how he has been using Master Tung acupuncture to effectively treat patients with a variety of conditions including depression, anxiety, bipolar, etc. The video above shows Noach at the beginning of his one hour presentation (including telling jokes in Chinese!).